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For most parents, navigating high school is like a road trip to somewhere you’ve never been before. The road is unfamiliar with many twists and turns.

High school today is far from what it used to be. You may wonder, “What’s the best way to support my child?” only to struggle with taking the “right turn” and navigating the many options available.  

Without clarity and direction, you could find your child in a frustrating academic rut: low motivation, school apprehension, inconsistent performance, too much tech distraction, and lack of confidence.  

That’s why an education strategy is critical to children’s learning experience. It serves as a roadmap that allows parents and children to plan and make the most of the high school journey. It also provides the direction and clarity a child needs to propel themselves forward.  

Kalibrate-Ed, Australia’s leading education strategy company, is grounded in this comprehensive and unique approach. We’re more than tutors. We teach children how to learn – not what to learn – and help them chart their path to success.  

Success in Education Strategy  

Matilda’s biggest challenge in high school was feeling overwhelmed and almost paralysed by HSC requirements. Although she had clear direction and impeccable organisation, she needed a study regime geared toward assessments.  

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Unfortunately, this was something her distance education provider needed help to provide. Matilda lacked the strategies to navigate her HSC year. Eventually, she dreaded anything related to school and struggled with procrastination.  

Our education strategists helped Matilda define a personalised learning strategy that complemented her learning profile and mapped better outcomes. This comprehensive roadmap successfully addressed her need for guidance in synthesising course materials and retaining information from content-heavy subjects.   

Matilda started from the bottom and finished Year 12 at the top of her Advanced English, Geography, and Legal Studies subjects. She also got into her first preference of university courses. During her first year in university, she received her first Distinction and High Distinction and was able to apply her education strategy to her final year.   

Matilda’s is just one of the numerous success stories of our students. Overall, 98% of our students achieve their desired ATAR, and 66% get early entry to university before even sitting on the Trial HSC exams.  

3 Signs Your Child Might Need Kalibrate-Ed  

Parents play a crucial role in identifying and providing the right kind of support their children need. We know this is a challenging job to do.  

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If you’re unsure about your child needing a tailored strategy, here are signs they might need Kalibrate-Ed’s help:  

1. Your child does not respond to traditional learning strategies.

Traditional learning strategies tend to limit your child’s experience to standardised learning styles or assessment timetables, which may not complement their unique learning profiles. For example, while tutors mainly cover your child’s subject-specific needs, this does not guarantee addressing your child’s learning-specific needs.   

Research from the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) indicates that targeting personalised learning can significantly improve learning outcomes. Kalibrate-Ed’s unique approach supports this. We anchor to your child’s strengths and weaknesses and execute personalised learning strategies they could apply for the long term.  

2. Your child’s mental health and well-being has depreciated.

Studies show an interconnection between academic performance and mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Beyond Blue reports that over 14% of school-aged children have a mental health condition, with 50% having severe mental health issues in adulthood beginning before age 14 – while in high school. In addition, a 2022 survey from ReachOut indicates that 46% of students admit that study stress significantly impacts their mental health and well-being.   

Kalibrate-Ed emphasises the need for a holistic approach to overcome these statistics. By developing education strategies to address common symptoms like lack of motivation, poor focus and addiction to devices, we help students identify and overcome the more significant underlying issues that prevent them from doing their best.   

3. You want better outcomes for your child.

Parents only want the best for their children, like getting into university. One of the dominant ways to enter university is the ATAR. Based on a recent Centre for Independent Studies publication, 75% of school leavers use ATAR for successful admission to university. While 25% share admission to a non-ATAR basis, children should be able to do well in school and gather sufficient marks to get into their preferred courses.  

That’s why Kalibrate-Ed uses an outcome-focused approach that considers the real entry requirements that students must face to secure a competitive ATAR and good university prospects. We go beyond assessments and benchmarks to consider evaluating academic skills, building resilience, and future-casting for the best possible outcomes.  

The most effective way to reach a destination is to know your goal and how to get there. A roadmap, like an education strategy, eases the journey and clears your child’s path. But that’s just part of it – a roadmap won’t help unless you take the first step.  

Take action today! Our team of passionate education strategists at  Kalibrate-Ed are ready to help push your child forward and define a strategy to reach their goals. Let’s implement a strategy that fits their actual learning needs as they experience them and give them a brighter future together.  

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