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“Should I hire a tutor or enrol my child on after-school programs?”

If you have a high school child struggling to get better marks, you may wonder the same thing. It’s
not just you – most parents are asking the same thing.

While traditional learning, like tutoring, is one of the most widely available sources of schooling support,
most parents don’t realise that it may not be enough. Other, more effective options are available for
your child to gain that competitive edge they need to thrive during high school.

So, what are these other options? Well, if you move away from traditional content-centric and
educator-focused, you’ll find approaches that are faster-acting and longer-lasting because they’re
tailored to your child’s learning needs. By shifting the focus from content to student-centred needs and
outcomes, you can ensure your child’s learning experience is optimised so they reach their highest
academic potential.

But what does one even Google when they’re looking for this approach? Well, start by Googling
‘Kalibrate-Ed’. We are a team of passionate education strategists who work with parents of Year 7-12
students to create personalised roadmaps that enable students to perform at their best while
developing independence and a lifelong love for learning.

Sound too good to be true? It probably does if all you’ve tried is tutoring or counselling. If you haven’t
tried the Kalibrate-Ed difference, then you should read on!

What makes Kalibrate-Ed different?

Our expert education strategists work with parents to create a personalised education strategy that
bridges the gap between where your child is today and where they could be. Whether it’s about getting
into Law or building the confidence and time-management skills to flourish beyond high school, every
child’s future deserves to be as bright as they are.

No child should be limited by a lack of opportunities, particularly when supporting their
learning, so that they can take steps towards a more independent future. We are passionate about helping
struggling students that schools and tutors have labelled ‘too hard’. We are committed to lifting these
kids and empowering them with the skills to rebuild their confidence again.

No two students have the same program, even if they want to get to the same place. That’s because no
two students are the same. Every student is unique, and so is every Kalibrate-Ed program. To do
otherwise is to be lazy and place another agenda ahead of your child’s needs. And that would
keep us up at night.

That’s the Kalibrate-Ed difference.

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Behavioural change for academic change

Understanding and fine-tuning your child’s study behaviours is critical and foundational in
fostering academic growth. A 2020 study by the University of Sydney found that students in
personalised learning programs demonstrated a 25% improvement in academic outcomes compared to
students in traditional learning settings.

There’s plenty of good evidence that should compel parents and educators to know the unique learning
profiles of children – their academic needs and desires, for more meaningful, engaging interactions and
genuine empowerment. And in doing so, it helps students internalise skills for independent study habits
so they can succeed through every chapter of their life, from high school through to university and the
workforce without ever needing a tutor.

Holistic approach to learning

To take a holistic approach to learning is to look at so much more than just textbooks and marks. It’s
about more than academics and what’s tangible right now. It’s about maintaining a healthy, balanced
sense of well-being and cultivating lifelong learning skills that equip children for success in the future.
That’s why developing essential interpersonal and critical thinking skills like problem-solving, adaptability, and
self-reflection. Resilience and emotional regulation are all factors we consider when mentoring a young

According to Beyond Blue, roughly one in seven school-aged children has a mental health condition.
That’s why their “Be You” initiative emphasises the importance of educators taking holistic approaches
that include mental well-being. Kalibrate-Ed supports this approach by encouraging students to think
critically, be solution-oriented, and be more resilient. We don’t want kids to be anyone except for
who they are, and we are fiercely committed to making sure they become their best versions.

Future-oriented direction and confidence building

In a constantly evolving world, it’s hard for students to navigate school and perform at their best when
troubled by uncertainty. According to the Centre for Youth Policy and Education Practice (CYPEP),
children admit to pervasive feelings of career uncertainty and anxiety, and more than 40% of
Australian secondary school students from the survey admitted feeling they had no career direction.

Kalibrate-Ed realises this challenge because we hear it from students daily and aim to provide
certainty and clarity in stressful and sometimes overwhelming situations. We help your child discover
their direction, help them map out their future and help them take scary steps to implement it. Our
mentors remove the overwhelm and the ‘what ifs’ by guiding students one step at a time through and
around the hurdles, building confidence every step of the way.

Personalised Tools and Strategies for Every Student

At Kalibrate-Ed, we provide students with tools and strategies to target specific learning needs

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Here are some of the tools and techniques that can make a significant impact on your child in high school:

1. Assessment Organiser: Reduces feelings of being overwhelmed for your child and helps your child stay
on track when it comes to assessments by helping them break down complex tasks into manageable
chunks. Tracking of tasks ensures the only options available to them are to be either on time or ahead!

2. Cognitive Adapter: What if you could adjust study techniques to your child’s unique cognitive needs?
Having a cognitive adaptor enables students to study optimally, retain more knowledge, and reduce
fatigue, even if they struggle with traditional study methods.

3. The Future Navigator: Knowing where you’re going is always good, so you don’t turn wrong.
More than just a roadmap or a compass, we help students navigate their future as if they had a GPS to
guide them every step — every twist and turn, the clever shortcut, every dead end and
possible dangerous delay that might wreck their dreams. Step-by-step guidance is the only way to
ensure they’re supported to perform at their very best without jeopardising their well-being

4. Procrastination Focaliser: This tool helps your child resist and remain disciplined in the face of
distractions. Even when they fall off track, the tool can guide them to refocus, re-engage, and return to
the groove of studying.

5. Motivation Catalyst: This ignition point supports students with low motivation to replenish and find
their spark. It’s also sustained by cultivating a process to allow your child to maintain and build
consistent motivation.

6. Strategy Implementation: Our education strategists go beyond theorising a strategy for your child.
We’re here to bring life to your child’s action plan and guide them as they go through school with each

Our mission at Kalibrate-Ed is to equip students with the right skills and knowledge to be empowered to
study and succeed independently. That’s why we go above and beyond to understand and learn their
strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations for a personalised and effective strategy — even if that means
pushing tirelessly beyond traditional education methods.

If you’ve already got a child in high school, or maybe you can embark on that journey — make the
time to speak with one of our expert education strategists. It only takes 10 minutes but could transform
your child’s life.

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