Procrastination to Proactive: The Simple Hack to Help Students


Witnessing your child fall into a cycle of procrastination, disappointing results and overuse of devices, is a situation that no parent wants to face. Talking about it often seems to just make things worse and push them further away, making it seem like an endless struggle to reverse these habits and help them improve. 


Most teenagers genuinely want to do well. They are capable of much more than their current performance is showing. Their potential is never the issue, it’s realising it.  


This is where implementation support comes in – a proven strategy to improve your child’s academic performance and reach greater success in their studies. 


At its core, implementation support is about providing students with the tools, resources, and guidance they need to succeed. It goes beyond traditional tutoring or study groups and focuses on developing effective study habits, time-management skills, and the ability to set achievable goals.  


By working alongside experienced education strategists and coaches, students can develop a personalised plan for academic success and benefit from ongoing support that helps them stay on track and achieve their goals. 

The Benefits of Implementation Support 

Students who have access to implementation support experience an average increase of 23% in their productivity and task completion rates! A study by the New South Wales Department of Education demonstrated the substantial impact of implementation support on students’ ability to stay on track and accomplish their goals. 

What exactly is implementation support?  

It’s a comprehensive approach to help students excel in their studies. We provide personalised guidance to assist your child in effectively organising assignments, breaking down tasks, and making the most of their study time.  


This support is designed to improve their time management skills and set clear priorities. Research from the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) revealed that students who receive personalised implementation support show an impressive 17% improvement in their time management skills compared to those who do not receive such support. 

Beyond Academic Planning



Our support goes beyond academic planning. We become your child’s accountability partner, regularly monitoring their progress and offering guidance whenever needed. This creates a strong sense of responsibility and motivation, ensuring they stay on track and make consistent progress towards their goals.  


According to a survey by the Association of Independent Schools of New South Wales, 82% of parents believe that implementation support has a significant impact on their child’s motivation, self-confidence, and overall academic success. 


Cultivating Effective Study Habits and Life Skills 

The real beauty of implementation support is that it extends well beyond academics.  


It acts as an accountability partnership, checking in on progress and offering guidance when needed. Developing this consistent touchpoint fosters a strong sense of responsibility and motivation in students, crucial for ongoing academic success. A survey by the Association of Independent Schools of New South Wales found that 82% of parents believe implementation support significantly impacts their child’s motivation, self-confidence, and overall success. 


Moreover, the research by the University of Sydney showed that implementation support assists students in developing effective study habits, with a 50% increase in their likelihood to develop organization skills positively impacting their academic performance.  


These skills go beyond acing exams. Your child will acquire invaluable life skills, such as organisation, time management, and responsibility, that will pave the way for success in higher education and their future careers.