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What’s worse than seeing poor remarks on your child’s report?  

It’s watching your teenager put in their blood, sweat, and tears for each subject, then hearing them say, “Mum/Dad, I did my best. I really don’t know what happened.”  

That just stings. It’s like walking in the wrong shoes on a hiking trip. But it’s not your child’s fault. It isn’t your shortcoming, either. It’s just that the shoes may have been a little too small or big for your child.  

Whether it’s memory and retention, feeling lost, or simply being neurodiverse, each child faces countless challenges in high school that are unique to their experience. As shoes do not match all feet, education shouldn’t be considered one-size-fits-all.   

However, the harsh reality of our current education setup is geared towards traditional and uniform learning approaches. According to the 2021 Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD) report, over 1 in 5 students received educational adjustments because of additional or specific learning needs. So, no matter how hard your child tries to cope and overcome their challenges, it’s less likely for them to beat the odds if we keep forcing a one-size-fits-all educational system.  

That’s why at Kalibrate-Ed, we push for a personalised learning strategy moulded to fit your child’s steps. Our team of expert education strategists specialises in tailored and targeted approaches so your child can work with their strengths and on their weaknesses for better outcomes.  


Samantha’s Study Success  

Neurodiversity plays a significant role in a child’s learning experience and student outcomes. It encompasses a wide range of cognitive functions essential to learning, like sociability, attention, and mood. It can also include conditions such as autism, ADHD, and dyslexia.  

Samantha is one of the neurodiverse students we had an opportunity to work with. For her, the school felt like wearing shoes several sizes too small or something she’d outgrown. She felt restricted and pinched with learning topics chronologically or linearly.  

The traditional learning approach made Samantha feel frustrated in her studies, gradually decreasing her marks and overall school performance. Her confidence also dimmed because she did not see the positive results she hoped for.  

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When we met Samantha, we realised she had been handed the wrong shoe size all her life. She tried hard to adapt to a linear and chronological learning approach when her strength was the opposite. Her learning style resembled piecing together a jigsaw puzzle. She quickly understood and absorbed information in chunks, and forming a coherent picture in her head was her forte.  

Our education strategists crafted an individualised education strategy to give Samantha shoes that fit perfectly. Because sitting in long lectures won’t cut through, we provided her with visual tools aligned with her kinaesthetic learning style to keep her active while learning. This helped her understand assessment criteria and manage her deadlines more proficiently.  

After switching her approach, Samantha was able to gain better student outcomes. She was more confident and made the most of her unique learning style. She was able to focus on learning naturally and adapt to times when she found difficulty in absorbing new information instead of forcing a learning method that didn’t sit well with her strengths.  

Most importantly, Samantha was able to understand herself more fully and thrive without changing who she was. She could walk, run, and even sprint to success with the right fit.  


Your Vision, Our Mission  

We know you want your child to stride forward in shoes that fit just right confidently. The best-case scenario is seeing your child with heightened self-motivation, resilience to challenges, ability to solve problems, and impeccable exam outcomes.  

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We at Kalibrate-Ed are grounded in your vision, too. We want your child to enjoy walking in well-fitting shoes so they can easily achieve their holistic goals. That does not only mean overcoming academic challenges and gaining better school performance. It also includes bolstering their emotional well-being and capacity to face any challenge thrown in their lives.   

Adapting a personalised learning strategy is like getting the right educational “shoe size.” Don’t let your child walk in pain and tolerance when there’s something much better for them. Go the extra mile and seek an educational path tailored for your child so they don’t just walk — they soar.