Do you feel like you’re on a never-ending rollercoaster ride when it comes to your teenager’s studies? Well, the numbers don’t lie: 1 in 5 Australian 15-year-olds face difficulties in reading, math or science. This 2017 study highlights the common challenges many students face, such as disengagement, uncertainty about the future, and poor academic results. In this article, we’ll take you through how a taking a strategic approach to your child’s learning can enable them to overcome any challenge to successful achieve higher results.  

Personalised Learning: The Strategy for Success 

One of the most powerful strategies in optimising your child’s performance is to have a personalised program for structured study. This goes beyond study planners and whether they’re a visual or auditory learner. There are thousands of datapoints to consider in determining a student’s unique learning profile, but knowing the key metrics to tweak is the difference between failure and success. Having a personalised learning strategy means your child’s effectiveness is amplified, maximizing their chances of achieving their goals every time. 

According to the Australian Council for Educational Research (2018), about 42% of Australian students felt ‘very tense’ when studying. 


Time Management Tools: Conquering Tasks and Deadlines 

Kalibrate-Ed’s assessment organisers or trackers revolutionises how students manage tasks and deadlines. Students who are better at organising their time are less subject to the negative impacts of stress and perform more consistently across study domains. By taking a strategic over tactical approach, students are three times as likely to achieve greater overall academic success than a subject-per-subject approach. 

Staying Focused: Winning the Battle Against Procrastination 

With devices, social media and so many other distractions out there, staying focused and disciplined is often a huge challenge for students and a source of headaches for parents and educators. But the answer isn’t to just ban devices or confiscate them upon curfew. We’ve developed a procrastination focaliser that empowers students to establish healthy boundaries and effective study habits and resist distractions, curbing procrastination and ensuring improved study productivity. 

Future-Proofing: Navigating an Uncertain Future With Confidence 

For many teenagers, it’s overwhelming to know exactly what you career you want, let alone build the confidence and motivation to achieve it. Working with thousands of students over a decade, our Future Navigator tool enables students to easily identify and articulate self-owned goals which in turn anchors to more consistent motivation throughout the school term. 

Moreover, 76% of students who have undergone our training and mastered how to build motivation as a process evidence consistently higher levels of academic performance throughout the term, with fewer meltdowns or disruptions as compared to previous periods. We’ve designed and built these tools to help teenagers get clarity, direction and motivation so they don’t get overwhelmed feeling like they have to figure it all out alone– and because of this, they can better focus, resist distractions and keep their eyes on the prize. 

Expert Guidance: Turning Plans into Reality 

Simply understanding potential pitfalls and having a strategy is not enough. Taking real action, even if it’s only in small incremental steps, is what really brings home the trophy, turning aspirations into tangible success.

Our strategy implementation and advisory service provides families with expert guidance on the marathon journey that is senior schools and helping set up their child’s future with the best possible ATAR. Our education strategists are experts in ensuring that each student’s strategy roadmap is executed precisely so that every students attain the outcomes they set out to achieve. 

Overcoming Challenges: A Pathway to Improved Academic Results 

According to a 2017 study by Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, a staggering 1 in 7 Australian children and adolescents faced mental health challenges last year which significantly impact academic performance. 

We’ve developed a suite of tools to amplify effectiveness, master exams and enable students to cognitively adapt, particularly as they acclimate to the academic rigours of Year 11 & 12. We’re committed to boosting productivity, enhancing learning outcomes, and improving performance on exam day by giving students the skills and techniques they need.  

Getting Started: Schedule a Call with Us 

When it comes to setting your high school student up for academic success, the right support can make all the difference. 

At Kalibrate-Ed, we understand that helping your child flourish in their education is a top priority. That’s why we offer a free assessment call to see if we’re the right fit for your family. Once we better understand your child’s needs, we’ll work together to chart a course of action, providing personalised strategies to help them thrive. With our guidance, your child can confidently set sail on their academic voyage.