Teenager girl and mother talking to an education strategist

Are you worried about what your child’s future may hold?  

Well, you’re not the only one. Your child worries about it too.  

One of the main challenges teenagers face in high school is feeling uncertain about their future. Some are afraid that their marks aren’t going to be good enough and that they’ll miss out on the ATAR they need to get into their course. Others need help with deciding what they want to do after high school. Over 33% of high school children feel that they have no career direction, based on a 2023 report by the Monash Centre for Youth Policy and Education Practice.  

It’s an alarming statistic but not something parents are powerless against. We at Kalibrate-Ed are here to help you guide your child in finding their way not just through high school but to reach their future career destination.  

The Future Navigator in Action  

The Future Navigator is designed to clarify a child’s road to success. The tool presents a clearly defined path to improve academic motivation and concentration while reducing student anxiety about what lies ahead.  

Girl smiling and hugging friend at school without worry about the future

Rebekah, a Year 12 student who struggled with being overwhelmed with schoolwork and insufficient motivation, started feeling a lack of support and lost about what she could do. The stakes were high in her final year, and all she and her parents wanted was to get into her dream university. With our Future Navigator approach, she successfully turned the tables in her favour, improving her academic performance. 

Our education strategist dived deep into Rebekah’s learning profile to help her find her direction and create actionable steps for improvement. After working with us, she improved her English writing and analytical skills and boosted her band achievement across subjects. She blitzed her IB, attained a 95+ ATAR, and is now studying her course of choice at Macquarie University.    

How Kalibrate-Ed Helps  

Schools and tutors can only do so much for your child. Kalibrate-Ed’s education strategists use the Future Navigator to craft personalised support to ensure your child’s success.  

Education strategist with glasses talking to a teenager with worry about the future

The navigator can help Year 9-12 students successfully chart a roadmap for their future by proactive planning to: 

1. Prepare for tomorrow’s challenge 

Based on a 2019 report by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), Australian students who frequently used computers in school had weaker reading skills. Incorporating self-regulation into the Future Navigator strategy, such as an agreed-upon amount of screen time, reduces distraction from too much technology and optimises productivity.   

2. Constructively engage parents in the future road-mapping process

According to a 2019 report from the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY), support from parents and families is a critical factor for students to do well at school and an essential foundation for their future. Parents have the biggest role to play in shaping their child’s future outcomes, so our education strategists always involve parents in the collaborative process and empower them to transform potentially heated discussions into collaborative parent-child conversations. The goal is to create a more positive mindset in children for better student outcomes and behaviours.  

3. Tailored education to address supply-and-demand in academic pressures  

Based on the Centre of Independent Studies, the ATAR remains a dominant pathway to university admissions. Most parents don’t realise that an ATAR is not a score— it’s an indication of priority rank when it comes to the first choice of the best university course, a reflection of supply and demand in the marketplace for tertiary education. The Future Navigator not only helps students chart a clear course for their future complete with contingencies in the case of misadventure, but it also alleviates the academic and mental health pressures that come with the hypercompetitive environment of high school education to compete for the top spots at universities.  

We believe that each child has a different path to take. Gone are the days when parents should solely rely on traditional learning methods with standardised, subject-specific needs. It’s time to meet them with a holistic strategy based on their strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations to find a direction to fit their unique needs.  

If you want to learn more about this more strategic, dynamic approach, Kalibrate-Ed is here to help you pave the way for your child so they can access higher marks and better career opportunities.