Teenage boy with procrastination and distraction as a phone.

Is pushing your child to get a head start on projects getting harder by the day?

We get it. It’s frustrating to see your child put off schoolwork for weeks on end, only to miss a deadline or hand in sub-par work when they could’ve started earlier and created something better.

Based on a 2022 survey by Studiosity, 78% of students admit that they struggle with procrastination, with stress as the most common trigger. Today’s teenagers have to deal with a lot of study stress daily, from managing multiple subjects at multiple levels, preparing for major exams, and even thinking about the kind of future they want after high school. In fact, 41.5% of students identify academic challenges as their most significant personal challenge, according to Mission Australia’s 2022 survey.  

Rory was one of the many teenagers struggling with procrastination and distraction. When he met Kalibrate-Ed, we helped him discover new techniques to pivot his story to a 180-degree turn.  

How Rory Beat Procrastination and Achieve Student Success  

Rory found retaining information from content-heavy subjects challenging. He struggled with cognitive fatigue from memorising and reading extensive materials. He was also prone to distractions, specifically from digital devices, which grabbed most of his attention and reduced his study effectiveness.  

Our education strategists helped Rory tailor an approach that was optimised to his unique learning profile. We added a Procrastination Focaliser that enabled him to achieve more productive levels of work in shorter periods of time. 

happy teenage boy in the classroom

Within a fortnight, Rory exhibited a 30% increase in staying focused in study sessions. His classroom engagement surged, and his teachers noticed his heightened participation in asking and answering questions. By the end of Term 2, he moved from the bottom ranks to a place in the top 50% across all his subjects.

How To Combat Procrastination  

Technology can be a powerful productivity-enhancing tool. On the flip side, technology is one of many common distractions that can derail your child’s study. That’s why we designed the Procrastination Focaliser, to help students stay on-task and on track, but also to help them self-identify and self-select the best method to course correct in the moments they do fatigue and stumble, all on their own with zero intervention from adults. This tool fosters consistent patterns of discipline and higher levels of motivation, leading to a reduction of technology-related distractions by up to 68% that can then be reallocated to more productive tasks. By promoting continuous engagement and strategy, your child can engage more proactively with their learning with less resistance and energy expended. 

Here’s how else your teenager can take advantage of the Procrastination Focaliser:  

Customise to Individual Learning Styles  

Recent research from Monash University shows that students’ academic achievement improves when personalised learning and support are used. Our focaliser tool supports this approach and addresses diverse procrastination and learning styles. This tailored approach anchors to your child’s unique learning profile, considering their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to their attention span.   

Combat Technology-Induced Distractions  

According to a 2021 report by the eSafety Commissioner, teenagers spend an average of 14.4 hours a week online, researching topics of interest, chatting with friends, and entertaining themselves. Technology can become both a distraction and a productive tool for your child. The focaliser addresses just that. The tool educates children to regulate device use through built-in checks while maintaining the use of technology for smart and productive studying. 

Enhancing Parent-Student Relationship:  

You have a vital role to play in influencing your child’s learning outcomes. A 2019 Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) report found that support from parents and families is a critical factor in student success.  

But all too often, genuine attempts to help address your child’s procrastination can be perceived as a nag rather than a caring nudge. Through absolutely no fault of your own! The focaliser tool helps lower the intensity of communication in heated situations, aligning with your child’s aspirations and learning profile to minimise any feelings of invalidation. You can also introduce an expert education strategist, a neutral third party, to help ‘flip the script’ on these habits so you can go back to enjoying being your child’s parent and supporting them in the way that only you can.   

Your child’s procrastination is a challenge they face — not a choice they make. Parents need to recognise their struggles so you can provide the support they need, help them get over missed deadlines, and nudge them to become proactive in their learning experience.  

At Kalibrate-Ed, we can help you empower your child to overcome the challenges of maintaining study focus in a world full of distractions competing for attention. Let’s work together and beat procrastination, all for better student outcomes and brighter futures!