So, how’s school today?”  

You’ve probably asked your child this question countless times. Too often, it’s been answered with the same dejected look in their eyes.  

This disheartening back and forth is a complicated dance for parents and their teenagers. But here’s the thing: 47% of Australian students experience academic stress, as reported by the Youth Leadership Academy Australia. Stress and anxiety from school cause a lack of interest in many high school students.  

It shouldn’t be that way. Here at Kalibrate-Ed, we believe that students deserve to enjoy learning because this allows long-term positive effects to trickle down into a successful life.  

You may wonder, “How can I turn this around for my child?”  

We answer this with one effective learning tool: Assessment Tracker.  

What is an Assessment Tracker?  

According to 2022 Psychology research from Macquarie University, the lack of belief to accomplish coursework can contribute significantly to academic stress. With the high-piling workload high school students face daily, including pressures of getting high marks or submitting requirements on time, it’s easy for children to feel overwhelmed.  

Most parents are sensitive to this and are really just looking for a way to support their kids without having to become a teacher themselves. This is how the Assessment Tracker was born. Brilliant at helping break down daunting tasks into manageable parts and help organise multiple deadlines, this tool monitors progress for exams, assignments, and other projects across different subjects — in real-time. Having access to a personalised assessment tracker can help your child fight academic fear and anxiety that holds them back from better marks, giving them the skills and support they need to improve and rise to the top.  

Success Story: Meet Jane  

Like most high school students, Jane was burdened with poor time management and constantly feeling overwhelmed. Kalibrate-Ed’s education strategists helped Jane design a tactile, handwritten approach to work with her and match her learning style. With her assessment tracker, we could monitor her progress and create logical decisions based on task purpose, outcome, and priority at any point in time. Suddenly, Jane knew exactly what to do, when to do it and how to execute every little step.   

Six weeks into using the assessment tracker progress, Jane’s performance improved by 10% across different subjects. She also ranked fifth in her business assessment. Jane’s success in a short period evidenced the substantial impacts of the tool, reducing stress and boosting her academic performance. Finally seeing her study efforts pay off was all Jane needed to refill her drained motivation and start to aim for even bigger improvements.  

More Than Time Management  

There’s so much more to what an assessment tracker can offer. First, there’s collaboration and parental engagement. Working with assessment trackers allows partnership between parents and external tutors. In addition, research by the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth shows that parental involvement in their child’s education positively impacts academic success.  For example, parents can identify struggle points, like specific subjects or tasks, with a quick look at their child’s assessment tracker. With immediate visibility, they can start conversations with their kid or their teachers and develop improvement strategies for success.

Furthermore, it promotes student mental health and lifestyle balance. Research by Macquarie University shows that 19% of transitioning Year 12 students could be clinically stressed. With an assessment tracker that can prioritise projects and manage deadlines, it’s easier for children to juggle time for extra-curricular activities and rest. 

Finally, an assessment tracker helps align with education strategy and curriculum requirements. With the tool, your child can focus on specific topics and address individual learning preferences. With three in four students using ATAR to successfully enter university, based on the Centre for Independent Studies (CIS), an assessment tracker can be the “ultimate tool” for academic success.  

At the end of the day, your child can only handle so much. Investing in learning tools that help ease their experience, such as an assessment tracker, can help boost their academic performance and pivot their success for the long term.  

With Kalibrate-Ed, you can help fight the fear and make learning more fun for your child.