teen students taking exams without study stress

“The exam was really hard.”
“I studied hard, but it didn’t work out.” 
“I’m afraid you’ll be angry.”   

It’s hard for parents to hear things like this from their children. However, being the bearer of such bad news is even more challenging for teenagers.  

According to a 2021 report by ReachOut, about 50% of children feel extremely or very stressed about study and exams. Study stress is one of the biggest challenges teenagers face today. Each child has a unique trigger, but some of the most common causes of children’s study stress are as follows:

  • The uncertainty of exams. 
  • The pressure on how they’ll do compared to others. 
  • The worry that comes with letting you — their parents — down.   

Understanding the reasons behind your child’s study stress is pivotal in helping them improve and ace their exams. Once their stressors are pinpointed, it is much easier to devise an actionable plan to address them and master the exam season.  

That’s precisely what Kalibrate-Ed does with students and parents. We developed an Exam Mastery tool to help children overcome the anxiety of preparing for exams, improve their marks, and have a more enjoyable learning experience.  

Success Over Stress  

Peter was a Year 11 student at a New South Wales private school who initially found himself in the lower ranks of his cohort. He was disorganised when it came to study habits, prone to errors and lacked an understanding of marker expectations. His confidence suffered, and he started to resent schoolwork.   

tutor in orange helping boy on his study stress during teen exams

Our analysis identified gaps in Peter’s exam preparations. Based on the results, our education strategists were able to devise an Exam Mastery Tool. This enabled Peter to decipher assessment notifications systematically, analyse key requirements to prevent oversight, and methodically break down tasks, ensuring his study efforts’ quality. We also developed a custom exam strategy for each subject and assessment format to enhance Peter’s exam performance and results.  

Within just three weeks, Peter showed an impressive 10% improvement across subjects. By the end of the term, his rankings had a 30% average rise. After working with us, he was also able to move up 40 ranks in Advanced English. His hard work and dedication finally paid off, and his outlook on school improved.    

Benefits of the Exam Mastery Tool  

If you’re a parent concerned about your child’s academic future and chances of getting into university or simply an advocate of your child’s mental well-being, the Exam Mastery Tool can help you provide support. Here are other advantages:  

1. Improved Learning Outcomes 

Based on a 2018 report by Monash University, research shows that student academic achievement improves when schools use a personalised learning and support approach. The Exam Mastery Tool supports such an approach and increases their chances for academic achievement. It also helps your child effectively prepare for exams in advance, understand different exam formats, and consistently achieve high marks, which is very helpful when preparing for their ATAR.  

2. Increased Productivity with Technology 

In 2021, the Gonski Institute for Education reported that more than four in five children own a screen-based device and that 83% of parents and guardians felt that digital technologies negatively distracted their children. Proper use of the exam mastery tool helps parents reduce these concerns by teaching your child self-regulation protocols for incorporating technology for productive use. 

3. Improved Mental Health 

Recent research from ReachOut indicates that 46% of children consider study stress to significantly impact their mental health and overall well-being. Having a tool that can break down intimidating tasks into small, manageable items and clarify what’s needed to acquire full marks in exams can help your child address procrastination and student confidence issues they may have.  

Mastering exams is more than just knowing all the answers to an exam. Often, it’s about dealing with the stress and anxiety it brings and cultivating the right mindset for your child through the right approach.  

With Kalibrate-Ed, you can support your teenager in overcoming their anxieties and helping them achieve a more enjoyable learning experience. Let’s address their stress so they can ace their exams!