Every parent understands the tension and worry about their child’s academic performance. But let’s be honest, high school is a stressful time for many. It’s a stark reality that nearly 50% of Australian high school students reported feeling stressed about their studies in 2020 (YouthInsight, 2020). On top of this, your child faces their own hurdles that traditional education is not equipped to face.   

If your child is struggling to study effectively, bringing home poor marks, or battling challenges like ADHD – affecting around 7.4% of Australian children aged 6-17 (Raising Children Network, 2020), rest assured – there’s a way through.

It’s important to acknowledge that academic performance can be influenced by various factors. We understand this, as we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with numerous parents who have made the conscious decision to support their children and not let them struggle.  

Our team of experienced academic strategists at Kalibrate-Ed work with students with unique learning profiles. Let’s go through some precise, proven strategies that can transform your child’s learning experience. 

Study Effectiveness Amplifier:  

Effective study isn’t about spending hours hunched over textbooks; it’s about studying smart. This approach equips your student with the right skills and techniques to boost productivity, enabling them to absorb more in less time. The result? Improved learning outcomes. 

Exam Mastery Tool:  

Exam performance is vital, especially for Year 12 students. Our tool takes a data-driven approach – it collates feedback, generates insights, and helps implement changes to ensure your child is always improving, always growing. This becomes vital, considering that in 2021, 34.2% of Year 12 students didn’t meet the minimum standard for Year 7 reading (ACARA, 2021). 

Cognitive Adaptor:  

Every child is different, and so are their learning challenges. This strategy is designed to customise their learning experience, helping your child adapt and thrive even when faced with difficulties such as anxiety, ADHD, or dyslexia. 


When these strategies are in place, the shift can be astounding, elevating your child from ineffective studying to efficiency, from poor marks to excellent grades. The best thing about this is they can go from uncertainty to the confidence of knowing they can make it to their dream university course or, indeed, anything else they want in life. 

This three-pronged approach isn’t merely about academic excellence. It’s about unlocking your child’s future opportunities, instilling the confidence and skills to tackle any challenge, not just in school, but beyond. Let’s work together to transform your child’s learning journey and set them on a course to success, one strategy at a time.