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Effective learning gives your child the building blocks they need to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive world. The better their school results, the greater choice and opportunities they’ll have later in life. But while we all want our children to do well in school, it’s not always possible for them to learn effectively just from classroom teaching alone. Sadly, a classroom teacher can’t give every student the individual attention they need to succeed.

At Kalibrate-Ed, we understand the critical importance of your child’s education. That’s why we’ve developed a methodology to distill an entire year of study and exams into one clear and actionable education strategy to help them achieve their academic goals. The strategy is tailored to your child’s unique learning profile and can be used in every subject or scenario to help them:

● Plug gaps in their learning so they get back on track.
● Develop self-learning toolkits they can use their entire life.
● Build confidence and motivation so they become eager to learn.
● Enhance focus and retention levels so they can get higher marks with less effort.
● Help to identify and minimise wasteful screen time and other   distractions.
● Master the skills they need to manage a chaotic assessment year.
● Self-regulation tools to identify and assist with lack of focus.
● Ignite a passion for learning so they excel in the future workplace (and in careers that may not exist yet).

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Setting your child up for future success


The Kalibrate Ed Difference

Some people learn best by listening; others prefer to visualise every step. Some people need to read about a subject; others prefer asking questions or taking action.

We’re all different— there is no one universal ‘right’ way to learn. Yet it’s almost certain your child’s lessons are almost exclusively content-led. That’s when the teacher stands at the front of the classroom lecturing, or a tutor reviews content from a textbook, while the students sit and passively take it in. While this approach might suit the teacher, it could be doing your child a serious disfavour.

That’s because the student is likely to:


Miss key information and how they are applied in practical and examination contexts.


Struggle to understand how everything fits together


Become disengaged and frustrated leading to low motivation and confidence when it comes to their learning.


Develop unhealthy dependence or over-reliance upon educators to ‘spoon-feed’. This discourages proactive ownership of learning and restricts students to rote-learned responses.


Have less opportunity to develop the critical-thinking skills they’ll need to do well in university and their career

By contrast, at Kalibrate-Ed, we take the time to understand how your child learns best, before adapting our teaching style and content to their needs.

It’s a revolutionary student-centric approach that removes the barriers to learning, so your child understands and processes the information better. Our students don’t just fully understand the content, they understand the process of how they learn best to thrive in any conditions.

And the benefits aren’t just limited to school. Our 100% customisable strategy teaches them lifelong learning and problem-solving skills that can help them get ahead in tomorrow’s fast-changing workplace.

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Parents report improvements to organisation, focus and time-management within 4 weeks
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Students report being less stressed and more effective than their peers in their year 12
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Students get into their preferred course straight from high school

Ki Yan Baldwin - Australia's leading expert in education strategy


Our Founder

Known for creating innovative solutions for unusual situations, Ki Yan Baldwin began
mentoring youth across community organisations more than 14 years ago. Her ability to
accurately read people and situations to find a way forward naturally established her as a
trusted advisor.

At the same time, Ki Yan was studying law at Macquarie University. She graduated with First Class Honours, ranking in the top 1% of law graduates globally.

Now Australia’s leading education strategist, Ki Yan’s ability to teach across almost every
subject and discipline imaginable has seen her achieve results where other tutors or
specialists have failed.

In her downtime, Ki Yan trains therapy dogs. She’s piloting Australia’s first training program for empathy dogs, who solely support individuals with mood disorders and mental illness. Her star pupil, a wonderful Brittany Spaniel named Tobi-Wan-Kenobi, can reprogram anxiety and help individuals in overcoming and downcycling the psychosomatic challenges of PTSD, anxiety, and suicidality.

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Why we do what we do.


Our Story

The world around us is changing faster than ever.

The ability to learn new skills quickly and adapt to a dynamic work environment will be crucial to your child’s success in later life.

After all, they don’t just need to keep up with these dramatic changes. They also need to master them so they can get ahead.

Currently, most traditional schooling only teaches children what they need to learn not how to learn. Sadly, this approach means that students often struggle to cope with the academic requirements of university even the ones who get high ATARs.

At Kalibrate-Ed, we were frustrated because this doesn’t need to happen and once we saw the problem, we had to fix it.
So, we created an innovative approach that’s student-centric and skills-based.

The Kalibrate-Ed  approach unlocks your child’s hidden potential by giving them the roadmap to their academic success. Along the way, they pick up all the learning skills they need to help them with this journey and all the ones to come.

Giving your child a learning roadmap helps them gain confidence in their abilities, so they can pursue their dreams and goals.

Kalibrate-Ed has helped countless students through all stages of their academic and professional lives.

We are proud that so many of our students have gone on to achieve outstanding careers by not only owning but mastering the tools for their life success.

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